New Edition of Competition Law and Policy in the EU and UK

5th Edition Cover

The 5th Edition of the competition law textbook I co-author with Barry Rodger, of the University of Strathclyde, is due to hit bookshelves at the end of this month. There are many innovations in the this edition of the text, but one of the most significant is the plan to use this blog as a companion to the text.

The intention when there are interesting legal developments which relate to issues we cover in the text I will either write a new post, or put up a link to another blog, and set out at the bottom of that post how that development fits in with the text. The reference might simply be to a page and paragraph, but in more significant developments it might be possible to add a little more information or analysis.

As a matter of form I’ll try and keep the text related cross-references separate from the body of the blog posts; after all not *every* reader will have a copy of the text (but I hope at least some of you might have acquired a copy!)

There have been a couple of important judgments today in the CJEU (notably Case C-67/13 P and Case C-382/12 P) so you can expect to see the 1st updates to the text in the next few days – even before I’ve seen a finished hard copy of the book itself!


Update – 02 October 2014

The book has arrived and I dare not open it otherwise I’ll spot a typo …

But if you’ve acquired a copy please let me know what you think – feedback on previous editions has really helped up to develop our thinking on what a contemporary textbook needs to be.

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3 responses to “New Edition of Competition Law and Policy in the EU and UK”

  1. grahambeastall says :

    I like the idea of a “living update” alongside the publication but how will anyone with the text be able to quickly check to determine if there is an update on a particular page in the blog? Does this call for an indexing tool for “books with blogs” ?

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